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Akkaya Makina http://www.akkaya-akkaya.com
Manufacturer of EPS Machinery and Equipments, blockmoulds Vertical and Vacuum Type, moulding machines, pre-expanders, recycling Equipments for EPS, mixing units, silo systems, cutting machines, filter presses, EPS injection machines.
Apex Machinery http://www.apexmakina.com
Single screw and double screw PVC pipe and profile lines, single and double screws PVC extruders, vacuum cooling and calbration units, automatic saw and guillotine cutting units PVC mixer machines, pad printing machines
Bilgili Makina http://www.bilgilimakina.com.tr
Manufacturer of flexo printing machines, printing machines with central drum, in-line system printing machines, flexo sack printing machines
Darka Machinery http://www.darka.com
Manufacturer of side welder plastic patch handled bag machines, Side weld bag making machine, Heavy duty bag making machine, T-shirt bag machine, Folding machine, Loop handled side weld machine, Perforated bags on roll machine
Der-San Makina Sanayi http://www.der-san.com
Manufacturar of vertical pvc mixer machines, horizantal PVC mixer machines, PVC loading, dosing and feeding units
Dermak Makina http://www.dermakmakina.com
Manufacturer of PVC mixers, loading dosaging systems.
Dermak Makina http://www.dermakmakina.com
Producer of PVC mixers, masterbatch mixers, stainless steel screw feeding units, flexible feeding units, dosing systems, gravimetric powder dosing systems, gravimetric liquid dosing units
Ekin Makina Injection Machines http://www.ekinmakina.com
Injection molding machines manufacturer
Elektromag Makina http://www.elektromag.com.tr
Manufacturer of PET blowing machines, plastic bottle unscrambling, bottle rinsing, non-carbonated liquid filling, capping, labeling, case erecting, case packing palletizing machines, preform heating and pet blowing machines
Eratsan Machine http://www.eratsan.com
Vertical injection machines, horizontal injection machines, PET preform injection machines, PET blowing machines
Es-mak Eskin Makine http://www.esmak.com.tr
Manufacturer of bag cutting sealing machines
Inan Makine http://www.inanmakine.com/
Manufacturer of plastic crushers, plastic recycling machinery
Inan Plastic Recycling Machines http://www.inanplastics.com
Manufacturer of recycling and extrusion lines, shredders, granulators, micronizers, recycling lines, extruders and thermoforming machines.
Kaban Makina PVC joinery machines http://www.kabanmakina.com
Kaban Makina LTD is manufacturer of PVC joinery machines such as PVC profile cutting, end milling, corner cleaning, welding and drilling machines.
Kale Makina http://www.kale-makina.com
Manufacturer of Plastic Injection Machines
Mikrosan http://www.mikrosanmak.com
Manufacturer of PVC pipe, profile and granule machines. Twin screw extruders.
Roteks Makina http://www.roteks.com
PET bottle preform, blowing machines, folio labelling machines, automatic packaging machines
Sarac Plastics Machinery http://www.sarac.com
Used secons hand renovated plastic machinery, blow Molding, Injection molding machines, moulds
Sohtorikoglu Plastic Blow Molding Machines http://www.sohtorikoglu.com
Manufacturer of PVC plastic blow molding machines, accumulator head blow molding machines, double layer accumulator head blow molding machines.
Turan Makina http://www.turanmak.com
manufacturer of plastic pipe butt welding machines, bending machines
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