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Elif Plastic http://www.elifplastik.com.tr
Elif Plastik Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.�. produce 30.000 tons of mono and multi-layer polyethylene films, printed or non-printed mono-layer or laminated packaging materials and plastic bags in the packaging sector.
Inter Plastik Ambalaj http://www.interplastik.com
Manufacturer of bags, pouches for food and non-food industries like pet food, coffee bags, textiles etc. Makes bags from pe/pp or laminated materials and stand up bags, side gusseted bags, flat bags with zipper and slider options.
Işık Plastik http://www.isikplastik.com.tr
Manufacturer of PP, PC sheets, printed and non printed thermoformed products, thin and thick folios for automobile industry, refrigerator, shower cabinets and food containers with various patterns and colors, hollow profile sheets made of PP and PC, compound and masterbatches in various types and colors.
Larkan A.Ş. http://www.larkan.com.tr
manufafturer of PET sheets, ABS sheets, ABS+PMMA sheets, PS sheets, PP sheets
Mesplast Plastics http://www.mesplast.com
Manufacturer of mono layer LDPE blown film and co-Extruded three layer blown protective films specialized in producing big bag liners from both monolayer (LDPE / LDPE+LLDPE) and coextruded three layer blown films.
Vatan Plastik http://www.vatanplastik.com
Manufacturer of greenhouse cover film, agricultural polyethylene film, shrink film, stretch film, carrier bags, refuse bags, plastic additives.
Vural Plastic http://www.vuralplastik.com.tr
Manufacturer of industrial shrink film, stretch film, palet covers, heavy duty sacks, greenhouse films , mulch films, home textile packagings and every kind of printed and unprinted bags and sacks.
Yömser Packaging http://www.yomser.com
Manufacturer of plastic disposable cups, dishes, food plates, sheets, PET, Polystyrene and Polypropylene folios and multi-layer folio with barrier feature.

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