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Asrin Plastics http://www.asrinplast.com
Manufacturer of plastic houseware products, toolboxes, organizers, poultry equipments, automotive side-industry products.
Galsan Plastik http://www.galsan.com
Galsan Plastik injection molding
Kastamonu Plastik http://www.kastamonuplastik.com/
Kastamonu Plastik is a manufacturer of plastic house supplies of plastic buckets, trash bins, storage containers, basins, cutting boards, dustpans, jugs, baskets, stools, graters, kettles, wastebaskets, cutting boards.
Plaset Packaging http://www.plasetplastik.com
Manufacturer of blow moulded and injection moulded bottles, jars, caps, PET preforms, PET bottles, polycarbonate baby feed bottles. Company design and produce their own molds.
Plastikap Plastic http://www.plastikap.com
Interior and exterior vehicle parts, tail and signal lamps, Technical parts and molds for various sectors such is household, packaging, electronics, appliances, stationary, furniture accessories
Turbey Molding http://www.turbeymolding.com
PET molding design and manufacturing services company specializing in preform molds and blowing molds.

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Turbey Molding
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Plaset Packaging
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