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Efor extruder screw and barrels http://www.eforltd.com
Manufacturer of screws and barrels for plastic extruders
Ege Reduktor http://www.egereduktor.com
Manufacturer of worm geared reducers with aluminium injection body, worm geared reducers with cast iron body, horizontal parallel axle 2-3-4 stages reducers, horizontal parallel axle 2-3-4 stages reducers for extruders
Enformak Screw and Barrels http://www.enformak.com
Screw and barrel manufacturer for plastic machinery
Medel Electronic Speed Control Systems http://www.medelelektronik.com
producer of electronic measurement and control systems to be used in A.C motor speed control, D.C motor speed control, automation applications in plastic machinery.
Senmak Screw and barrel producer http://www.senmak.com
injection screw and barrel, extruder screw and barrel

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