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ChemOrbis Plastics e-marketplace of Turkey http://www.chemorbis.com
ChemOrbis, chemicals and plastics e-marketplace for Turkey, offers a trading platform where buyers and sellers of petrochemicals and polymers transact online through auctions. Also has price reports.
Emas Plastic Polyamide Compounder http://www.emasplastic.com
Emas Plastik is the largest Independent Polyamide Compounder in East Europe with a total annual nameplate capacity of 15000 tons.
Enplast Plastik Kimya http://www.enplast.com.tr
Producer of thermoplastic elastomer, TPE, thermoplastic vulcanizate, TPV, engineering plastics.
Epsan Plastik http://www.epsan.com.tr
Manufacturer of engineering plastic compounds polyamide 6 and polyamide 6.6 with brand names Eplon, Eplamid and Epoplen.
Eurotec Engineering Plastics http://www.eurotec-ep.com
Production of PA6.6, PA6, PPA, PBT, PET, PC, POM, PP compounds and alloys.
Meltem Kimya http://www.meltemkimya.com.tr
Manufacturer of PET resin for Pet bottle and container applications.
Petkim Holding Turkish Petrochemical Complex http://www.petkim.com.tr
Turkey’s petrochemical Complex with 14 Plants, 8 Associated Facilities, Harbour and Dam
Seta Recycling http://www.setarecycling.com
recycling plant for PET bottles, manufacturer of PET flakes
Tisan Engineering Plastics http://www.tisan.com.tr
Producer of engineering plastics for automative, toy, electronic, computer industries
Vista Petrochemical http://www.vistapetrokimya.com
Dealer of petrochemicals such as PE, PP, PVC, HIPS, PMMA, ABS

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Seta Recycling
8 Jul 2012
Epsan Plastik
9 Jan 2012
Meltem Kimya
21 Sep 2010
Eurotec Engineering Plastics
11 Dec 2008
Enplast Plastik Kimya

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