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Akdeniz Chemicals http://www.akdenizkimya.com.tr
Manufacturer of PVC compounds, stabilisers, lubricants
Aksoy Plastik http://www.aksoyplastik.com.tr
Manufacturer of Color Masterbatches
Anavi Pigment http://www.anaviboya.com
Manufacturer and distributor of pigments, fluorescent, fosforescent, glitter, pearlescent, metal effect powders for plastic industry.
Budin Akarca Printing Inks http://www.budin.com.tr/
Manufacturer of flexo printing inks, rotogravure printing inks and masterbatches
Dalgakıran Compressor http://www.dalgakiran.com
Manufacturer of rotary screw compressors, oil free compressors, piston type compressors, low pressure compressors, high pressure compressors, dryers and filters.
Enplast Engineering compounds http://www.enplast.com.tr
engineering compounds, compounder of TPA (Thermoplastic elastomers).
Kimflor Chemicals http://www.kimflor.com
Producer of PVC stabilisers and polymer additives
Murkim http://www.murkim.com/
manufacturer of flexo printing inks, gravure printing inks, concentrated dyes, serigraphy ink PVC microinjection, phthalateless transparent and color pastes, plastisol dyes, base dyes.
Sogutma06 water cooling equipments http://www.06sogutma.com
Manufacturer of packet type water coolers, axial and radial fanned water cooling towers, chillers
Vortex Kompresör http://www.vortexcompressor.com
Manufacturer of rotary screw compressors, VSD rotary screw compressors, piston compressors, booster compressors, air dryers, air filters
Yiğitsan Compressor http://www.yigitsan.com.tr
Manufacturer of screw air compressors, piston air compressors, compressed air dryers.

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Enplast Engineering compounds

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Budin Akarca Printing Inks
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Vortex Kompresör
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Yiğitsan Compressor
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Dalgakıran Compressor

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