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Akapen Pvc Window Systems http://www.akapen.com.tr
Manufacturer of PVC window profiles, PVC windows systems
Dizayn Grup http://www.dizayngrup.com
PVC, PPRC, PE pipes, heating pipes, clean water, waste water pipes
Ege Plast Co. http://www.egeplast.com.tr
Manufacturer of PVC Water Pipes and Fittings, Natural Gas Pipes, PEA Aluminum Headed Pipes and Fittings for Irrigation, ASPVC Pipes and fittings for agricultural purposes, Pressurized PVC water pipes with 1000 mm. diameter.
Else Kablo ve Plastik San. A.S. http://www.elseplastik.com.tr
spiral hose, vacuum hose, water hose
Firat Plastic http://www.firat.com
Firat Plastic PVC door, window, pipe and hose manufacturer
Gultekin Plastik http://www.gultekin.com.tr
Manufacturer of polyamide and polyethylene pipes, tubes and connection items.
Hakan Plastik http://www.hakan.com.tr
Manufacturer of Polypropylen Pipes and Fittings, PVC Rigid Waste Pipes and Fittings, Cross-linked Pe-X Pipes and Accesories, PVC Pressurized Clean Water Pipes and Fittings, Baseboards and Fittings, Polyethylene Pipes, Rain Gutters and Fittings, Hoses
Mesboplast http://www.mesboplast.com.tr
Manufacturer of PVC lay flat hoses.
Pilsa Plastik Sanayi A.Ş. http://www.pilsa.com.tr
PVC pipes, PEX pipes, profiles, U-PVC pressure pipes, PE pipes, pipe fittings
YILBOR PLASTIC PIPE http://www.yilbor.com.tr
Manufacturer of PVC pressure pipes, polyethylene pipes, agricultural pipes and Fittings, PPRC Ssnitary installation pipes and fittings, corrugated pipes.

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Firat Plastic
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Dizayn Grup
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Hakan Plastik
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Ege Plast Co.

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