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Ustunis Machine http://www.ustunismakina.com/
Manufacturer of plastic recycling machines
Inan Makine http://www.inanmakine.com/
Manufacturer of plastic crushers, plastic recycling machinery
Sohtorikoglu Plastic Blow Molding Machines http://www.sohtorikoglu.com
Manufacturer of PVC plastic blow molding machines, accumulator head blow molding machines, double layer accumulator head blow molding machines.
Kaban Makina PVC joinery machines http://www.kabanmakina.com
Kaban Makina LTD is manufacturer of PVC joinery machines such as PVC profile cutting, end milling, corner cleaning, welding and drilling machines.
Inan Plastic Recycling Machines http://www.inanplastics.com
Manufacturer of recycling and extrusion lines, shredders, granulators, micronizers, recycling lines, extruders and thermoforming machines.
Yazıcı Makina http://www.yazicimakina.com
Full automatic shrink machines, horizontal shrink machines, strtch wrapping machines
Mikrosan http://www.mikrosanmak.com
Manufacturer of PVC pipe, profile and granule machines. Twin screw extruders.
Dermak Makina http://www.dermakmakina.com
Manufacturer of PVC mixers, loading dosaging systems.
Dermak Makina http://www.dermakmakina.com
Producer of PVC mixers, masterbatch mixers, stainless steel screw feeding units, flexible feeding units, dosing systems, gravimetric powder dosing systems, gravimetric liquid dosing units
Turan Makina http://www.turanmak.com
manufacturer of plastic pipe butt welding machines, bending machines
Der-San Makina Sanayi http://www.der-san.com
Manufacturar of vertical pvc mixer machines, horizantal PVC mixer machines, PVC loading, dosing and feeding units
Kale Makina http://www.kale-makina.com
Manufacturer of Plastic Injection Machines
Es-mak Eskin Makine http://www.esmak.com.tr
Manufacturer of bag cutting sealing machines
Roteks Makina http://www.roteks.com
PET bottle preform, blowing machines, folio labelling machines, automatic packaging machines
Elektromag Makina http://www.elektromag.com.tr
Manufacturer of PET blowing machines, plastic bottle unscrambling, bottle rinsing, non-carbonated liquid filling, capping, labeling, case erecting, case packing palletizing machines, preform heating and pet blowing machines
Eratsan Machine http://www.eratsan.com
Vertical injection machines, horizontal injection machines, PET preform injection machines, PET blowing machines
Bilgili Makina http://www.bilgilimakina.com.tr
Manufacturer of flexo printing machines, printing machines with central drum, in-line system printing machines, flexo sack printing machines
Ekin Makina Injection Machines http://www.ekinmakina.com
Injection molding machines manufacturer
Sarac Plastics Machinery http://www.sarac.com
Used secons hand renovated plastic machinery, blow Molding, Injection molding machines, moulds
Darka Machinery http://www.darka.com
Manufacturer of side welder plastic patch handled bag machines, Side weld bag making machine, Heavy duty bag making machine, T-shirt bag machine, Folding machine, Loop handled side weld machine, Perforated bags on roll machine
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