Turkish Plastics Industry Directory

Classified Directory of Turkey's Plastics Companies
Türk plastik sanayi firmalar dizini

YILBOR PLASTIC PIPE http://www.yilbor.com.tr
Manufacturer of PVC pressure pipes, polyethylene pipes, agricultural pipes and Fittings, PPRC Ssnitary installation pipes and fittings, corrugated pipes.
Karakaya Plastic http://www.karakayaplastik.com
Manufacturer of plastic kitchen containers and kitchenware
Hür Plastic http://www.hurplastik.com
Recycling facility of PE, PP, PS, ABS materials
Inan Makine http://www.inanmakine.com/
Manufacturer of plastic crushers, plastic recycling machinery
Kaya PET http://www.kaya-pet.com/
PET bottle recycling company
Petfor Recycling http://www.petfor.com/
PET bottle recycling company
Seta Recycling http://www.setarecycling.com
recycling plant for PET bottles, manufacturer of PET flakes
Ustunis Machine http://www.ustunismakina.com/
Manufacturer of plastic recycling machines
Savas Plastik - Tilia http://www.tilia.com.tr
Manufacturer of plastic chairs, armchairs, tables, sunbeds, waste containers.
Epsan Plastik http://www.epsan.com.tr
Manufacturer of engineering plastic compounds polyamide 6 and polyamide 6.6 with brand names Eplon, Eplamid and Epoplen.
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